The Planting Season:

  • The Principle of Proximity
  • The Principle of Preparation
  • The Principle of Planting

The Sorghum Principles Christian Series...

A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment and Personal Growth

This Empowerment Series uses the incredible true story of the miraculous sorghum seed to inspire individuals to embrace our Divinely-endowed gifts and to courageously accept the difficult challenges within our lives to not only survive, but to grow and produce a more bountiful harvest.

The Harvesting Season:

  • The Principle of Provision
  • The Principle of Prosperity
  • The Principle of Praise

The Planning Season:

  • The Principle of Purview
  • The Principle of Purpose
  • The Principle of Planning

The Waiting Season:

  • The Principle of Prayer
  • The Principle of P3
  • The Principle of Potentiality