The Sorghum Principles Christian Series...

A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment and Personal Growth

This Empowerment Series uses the incredible true story of the miraculous sorghum seed to inspire individuals to embrace our Divinely-endowed gifts and to courageously accept the difficult challenges within our lives to not only survive, but to grow and produce a more bountiful harvest.

About Our Training

The Sorghum Principles Series shares 12 lessons of spiritual growth gleaned from the miraculous true story of the sorghum seeds. This workshop explains God’s Drought tolerance Plan for our lives. Christians are also a type of seed and we are equipped with a Dormancy Strategy as we go through four distinct seasons: Planning, Planting, Waiting and Harvest.

Sorghum is an ancient and mysterious crop similar to corn in many ways but distinctively different in other important ways. In an incredible true story, a farmer and his family lost their crops during an oppressive drought but the sorghum not only survived but thrived during the very same conditions. God endowed herb-yielding seeds like sorghum with wonderful gifts (Gen 1:11-12). Imagine how much greater are the gifts that he has given to us.

The Principle of Potentiality is one of the 12 Spiritual Sorghum Principles that will be illustrated and discussed. Come and explore the other principles in this dynamic and interactive session. And learn the Secrets of the Seeds and find out if you are truly getting watered or just getting wet!